"Omen" is the most recent family released by Kuckian in 2015. Omen observed a featured opening exhibition in Italy. Headlining Vibrafest, one of the largest modern art festivals in northern Italy, the event was filled with culture, music and creativity. All works are finished with a minimum of four layers ultra high-gloss UV resistant varnish.


Dark Red

Bright Red

White Shocks


Death, Darkness

Deoxygenated Blood

Oxygenated Blood

Nerve Impulses

The Soul

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Life and death. A subject that as humans, we have a tendency to neglect. From a young age one begins to obscure their thanatophobic emotions, hiding them in the dark corners of ones conscience.


Throughout my artistic life I began with a great enthusiasm towards in physics, light and astrology at a young age, which later branched out into nature, followed by the human form, which brought me to a combination of all three.


Omen is more than a series of paintings. Omen represents years of deep thought, experiments, and hypotheses. When one is able to break through the apprehension of death, one can truly begin to explore the basis of science and religion, the concept off the afterlife, and fathom the mechanisms of the human psyche.




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